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*** Who Am I? ***
Hey there! I’m Chris Stefanick, a life coach, and the host of the Choice Conversations podcast. I’m passionate about living life to the fullest. We only get one shot at our time on this planet, folks. This is not a dress rehearsal! With that in mind, I’m dedicated to helping people like you find success in all areas of your life. I interview experts across the field of personal development. This includes topics like:
*** My Story ***
Through the first thirty plus years of my life I was your average guy. I lived for sports and beer, and was going through life on cruise control. There was no introspection. I was so into fantasy football that not only was I the commissioner of the league, but over a 7 year span I went to the super bowl 6 times! I was that guy. It’s embarrassing when I think of how much time I poured into something as meaningless as fantasy football.
Then the “Great Recession” hit. I watched my retirement accounts get cut in half, and for the first time in my life I started to question what was going on. It was like waking up out of a haze. Researching the crash in the economy led me to researching politics. Next thing I knew I was questioning everything, things that in the past I wouldn’t have given a second thought. The scales fell from my eyes, as I learned the mainstream narrative was a lie. Yet the biggest discovery of all came when I realized I wasn’t happy. I had all of the things that I was “supposed” to have: a job, a car, a house, wife and kid, but I wasn’t happy.
I began consuming self-help books, podcasts and videos. I changed my diet and lost 30 pounds practically overnight. I started using productivity life hacks and was able to get much more done at my day job in just a fraction of the time. I healed my marriage and became the father I always wanted to be. Last but not least, I was happy. And I had found peace.
*** My Podcast ***
The path I’m on is documented in my podcast Choice Conversations. The show hasn’t always been strictly about personal development. It’s grown along with me. And we’re both still growing together. It’s a journey, not a destination. I invite you to give it a listen. 
Thank you for your time and good will. Make the choice to be great!