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Jan 12, 2011

This week I talk with Stefan Molyneaux, host of FreeDomain Radio. Not only can you get this episode as a podcast but you can also watch the video of Stefan’s Youtube channel, here is the LINK. You can see ol’ Two Beers in action in this video as he interviews a guest, I have to admit that staring into a camera is not the most comfortable experience in the world but it is a new challenge that I hope to overcome. In fact, if you find me terribly dreadful in this interview (which upon review I think is the case) then you can blame it to the fact that it was the camera in my face.


Like every episode on this program we discussed a multitude of topics, some of which were free markets, healthcare, public smoking, the initiation of force, Alex Jones, why I (or Stefan, or anyone looking to make a difference) will never run for office, etc..


As always with Stefan, if you don't agree with him then at least be entertained by his info-tainment, it is truly some of the best out there.

over six years ago

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over six years ago

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over six years ago

we have the authority to heal, so we do not need to ask pesisrmion (pray) again. We say it and it is done.I notice things really do improve or heal, for myself and other people. I have prayed with TV ministers and received healing in the same style that our class prays. Then I did not know the difference in approach. Other Christians have criticized me for commanding God' when I pray in authority. I don't let that stop me because the scriptures are clear and our class is on target.However, there is a verse, James 5:14Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:I surmise that the meaning of pray over him' is possibly a general meaning of interacting with God.James 5:15 and 16 also refer to praying for the sick:Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.So, I can see a reason for the confusion.

over six years ago

This question led me to rlfceet on the old ways vs. our new ways. We began our walk with God in a Southern Baptist church. We learned so much and we were well loved. But we always felt something was missing. Still, we grew more and more in love with Jesus and Father (Holy Spirit was to be introduced and loved later on.)In the old ways, prayer request time often made me feel uncomfortable. It seems some used it more to gossip (sorry, Lord) and we often laid out for God how He should fix the problem. There was a lot of I'll add it to the prayer chain and not much Let's pray now! There was almost always If it's Your will, Lord or the warning that God may be using the sickness to teach us something. Sadly, it is what we first learned. Not much power in those days, but yes, there was much love and good intentions. I know God loved us and heard our prayers, and remained excited for us, knowing we would one day soon discover the love of the Holy Spirit and the power that resided in us.I love our new ways! I am eager to rest more in the Lord and obey His commands to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils, and freely give all that I have been given (Matt 10).It's the confidence in knowing His Word and knowing that Jesus has given us the authority to do these things. I think that matters most.

eight and a half years ago

@C Here is the theory: OIL and POPULATION - whether its in our dirt or under our oceans doesn't matter if the liberals won't allow us to drill it - Norway drills theirs.

In addition your population must be proportionate to the natural resources, Norway has a low population so the wealth of the natural resources can be spread out. Same with Australia, they have what 20 million people only compared to the US at 300+ million; so when Australia taxes their miners 40% to spread the natural to pay for social programs, they are mining an area the size of the US but spreading the wealth to a population roughly 7% the size of the US, so the math works.

The US is not wealthy in natural resources in proportion to its population.

almost nine years ago

Luke, you're going to need a new theory as to why America can't afford to be like Scandinavian countries. We are a rich nation.

We have abundant coal, oil, natural gas, iron, copper, uranium, ample timber resources, fish off all of our coasts and in our Great Lakes, some of the most productive farmland on the planet, and, although slipping quickly, some of the most educated people on the planet as well.

The mantra in our country is that it's far better to hand $100 up than a single penny down.

almost nine years ago

Enjoyed reading the astute comments even more than the interview. Good points all around.

Great interview.

almost nine years ago

@Joe The only reason Norway is doing well and can afford a welfare society and high taxes is because of its natural resources - oil, timber, etc.; I hate when liberals try to compare the US or other countries to Scandanavia. If your country is rich, then yes you can afford the social programs, just as Saudi Arabia can have no taxes - but you can not compare a country like America that has 300+ million people to support and every inch of land spoken for. Socialism only works in rich countries.

@Steve Regarding the founding fathers; Jefferson thought Europe's cities were a giant sewer from what I've read; he expressed a view that overpopulation is bad. So his government ideals I don't think were meant for an overpopulated world. Jefferson would probably look at New York today and consider it a total dump from how he described European cities back in the day; so that leads you to think that perhaps Jefferson would not even like the US or have any hope for it anymore, just as he had no hope for Europe.

Ol' Two Beers
almost nine years ago

Joe, what a fantastic critique of the interview. I love tuning in to Stefans podcast and videos because of his entertaining critiques on our current government, does that mean I buy into everything he says hook, line, and sinker? Absolutely not, but he does make me question much of what the government has become and what it is capable of becoming.

I need to get a further education on what the founding fathers had in mind, this is a goal I have set out for myself this year. I only have a public school education on the Constitution and what good is that?

I am now asking myself for the first time at the age of 35 'What was the founding fathers ideal governmental structure and waht shaped their decisions?' These are questions I would like to answer.

As far as Stefan, he brings into focus (in my opinion) that governments become co-opted by whomever has collected the most capital or power and then that person works to protect their own interests over the interests of the citizens. I like hearing that explained in great detail.

He makes a great 'case' against the idea of government, but there is no 'plan' for a structure in its absence. His answer is oftentimes 'I don't know and I don't care', which I'm fine with... until someone with a gun shows up.

Just like 'Pappy use to say 'sometimes the medicine is worse than the sickness'. Meaning that we are stuck with government until we cure people of the seven deadly sins.

almost nine years ago

Hi Steve,

The Libertarians I hear from all seem to be unknowingly describing anarchy when we should be advocating a truly functional government, by the people, for the people. Unchecked capitalism is very similar to unchecked command economies. For example, the USSR draining the Aral Sea to grow more cotton than the land could allow with nothing but short term profit/production motive. You see deregulation causing all the same problems in an over populated, peak-everything world.

Take a look at most of Africa for an example of unregulated fascist / corporatist societies societies that have no functional government.

As for education, it should be the utmost interest of every citizen to assure that the entire population is educated. I agree with his assessment of our schools, but it's incumbent upon all of us to assure the best education for all or we will one day look like many of the world's anarchist nations. Without education, there is no truth and no democracy; our Founding Father's would be terrified to hear much of what Stefan is saying. Actually, it sounds like he may prefer an aristocracy, which we left over 200 years ago. As he knows from his own history, the aristocracy failed miserably.

I work all over the planet as an aviation consultant and see examples of good and bad daily. Take a look at Norway and Sweden; Finland and New Zealand as the best places to live in terms of fair societies, balanced populations and the best government structures we currently have. None of them are perfect, but they are a long way from the rest of the planet in human development. Helping one another is a human instinct, is it not?

Ol' Two Beers
almost nine years ago

I agree Luke, I love the idea of Stefan's free market but you have to ask, 'How do we get there from here?'. I unfortunately didn't ask that question and in my opinion I didn't do quite a good of a job as I'd hoped because the camera in my face made me uncomfortable. C'est la vie, I've got to learn how to get better at that.

almost nine years ago

Steve that was actually a great interview. I enjoyed the philosophical ideas and thoughts on a pure free market, but I have come to the conclusion that due to overpopulation a government is needed, as there are not enough resources for the masses. Just as every city has more laws than a small country town.