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Nov 1, 2012

Once every four years I became fully engaged in the "political super-cycle" and this time around is no different. In this episode I focus my energy on the topic of debating. After my interest was picqued through the Presidential Debates I went searching for other debates and found this debate "Stefan Molyneux vs. Sam Seder" and decided to record a podcast on the material brought up in the debate.

In this debate Molyneux and Seder debate Libertarinism and in my opinion Seder is the victor, though his victory was purely a victory of debating "style" rather than "substance". Seder was able to disarm Molyneux from some of his more effective arguments before he had the chance to fully engage them. 

For this reason of losing on style rather than substance I decided to discuss the common pitfalls of defending Libertairinism and how to counter the arguments.