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Mar 30, 2018

Why do carbs make you fat?

The science is very clear. Eating a lot of carbohydrates makes you fat. And eating a low carb, high fat diet leads to weight loss. But why is this?

The answer is hormones. All food is not created equal. The body responds differently when you eat carbohydrates. It sends signals that tell the body to store fat.

In this episode, I detail the science behind weight gain. And more importantly, I give a successful strategy for weight loss THAT IS EASY TO FOLLOW. One that doesn't need you to count calories or carbohydrates. A simple, easy method that focuses on real, delicious foods.


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Below is a list of different names for sugars. You'll find them under "ingredients" on packaged foods:


Having a strategy for weight loss is not the same thing as having the ability. Through one on one coaching, my clients overcome self-sabotage and gain the ability. Email me and schedule a coaching call:


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