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Dec 2, 2011

Dr. Michael Labossiere joins me in a discussion concerning Logical Fallacies. For the unintiated Logical Fallacies are, roughly speaking, an error in reasoning.

My interest in this topic came from a passing comment made by a guest on another podcast I was listening to, he mentioned that logical fallacies are ever-present in commercials. This piqued my curiosity and I explored the topic further including Richard Gula's excellent book 'Nonsense: A Handbook for Logical Fallacies'. 

I then sought after a guest that could come onto my show and illustrate the logical fallacies that we most commonly come across; ad hominum, appeal to emotion, appeal to the crowd, the fallacy of confidence, etc.. My search led me to Dr. Michael Labossiere, professor of Philosophy at Florida A & M and also author of two book on logical fallacies; '42 Logical Fallacies' and '30 More Fallacies'.

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