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Apr 10, 2010

In this episode I interview Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio. The title of this podcast is intended to draw in the masses, but don't be disappointed, we actually do discuss bouncing babes and net neutrality. Lucky you.

This interview covers many topics but we cover the topics from a different angle this time. My intent for this show was to have a more philosphical discussion on many of the topics that we talk about all the time on this show. Stefan's podcast 'Freedomain Radio' specializes on the philosophical aspects of our current financial/economic/political situation. In Stefan's words, 'Philosophy is what matters most', when it comes to diagnosing the problems we are facing today.

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almost thirteen years ago

Steve, congrats for the interview, it is a good one! I like the few articles you have here, I\'ll follow up through the web feed.

Regarding the interview:
If one wants to put the internet down... it can\'t be done. The routing protocols are designed to find and follow the shortest path to the destination. As long as there is some connection with the destination, it doesn\'t matter if the infrastructure in US is down, a big part of the content would be lost, but not the live connection outside US. It will work, slower... but it will work for sure.

One more thing that I think was great to ask Stefan too, is what does he think that the root cause of the evil and government/state in the world is and how can people fight it.

You can embed in your post the video version of the interview with Stefan, you can find it here:

Keep up the good work! Thanks!

Daniel Patru
almost thirteen years ago

Thanks for having Stefan Molyneux on. I enjoyed the interview.

Chuck Metalitz
almost thirteen years ago

Even with \"competitive\" money, until we become stateless the government will define what money is by what it accepts for payment of taxes. For a more nuanced view of the subject, you might want to interview Stephen Zarlenga of the American Monetary Institute (